Because recovering collections requires an overall solution

At CREDIT BACK, we specialise in acquiring and managing credit claims from active companies and those in liquidation.
Thanks to our experience, we can take on any kind of credit that is derived from non-fulfilment of financial obligations, mortgage credit guarantees, bank guarantees, retentions or mixed. At CREDIT BACK, collecting is not the only thing that matters, but also the peace of mind of those who trust us.


We are members of:

Spanish National Debt Collection Association


We offer collection solutions to companies and professionals

Aimed at active companies, self-employed professionals and associations.
At CREDIT BACK, we contribute our knowledge in the valuation and pricing of loan portfolios that include all kinds of expired, unpaid and therefore claimable debts, either by way of a friendly settlement or in court. The debt may be of national or international origin.
For your company, we carry out the study of the favourable tax impact entailed by transfer of credit claim (option 1 and 2). CREDIT BACK’s collaboration contributes to favouring various areas:

· FINANCING: Providing liquid assets and contributing to cleaning up the liabilities side of the balance sheet.

· CONTROL: Allows a rigorous follow-up on managing unpaid debts.

· MEDIATION: We represent the company in the claim process.

· CORPORATE REPUTATION: Allows the brand image on the market to be protected.

· PREVENTION: Shows current and future clients that the company has solutions to control and manage non-payments.



We collaborate with the bankruptcy administration in the analysis and management of debts or credit claims

In bankruptcy proceedings, our aim is to place value on the portfolio or credit claims of the company in liquidation. To do so, we collaborate in the evaluation of all the available options and analyse each credit to determine its management or acquisition, in keeping with the interest of the receivership.
CREDIT BACK can provide the receivership proceedings with:

· FINANCING: Immediate liquid assets and transforming liabilities into assets thereby giving value to the portfolio.

· DEADLINE: Specialising in the claim process allows us to reduce the collection time..

· HUMAN RESOURCES: Specialist team in collection follow-up and management.

· COLLABORATION: To draw up a liquidation plan or after the approval of the liquidation plan.

We offer various modalities for debts, mortgage guarantees, bank guarantees and retentions that include the entire collection management cycle:

Claim process

In all cases we try to recover the debt through amicable settlements prior to going to court with our team of legal experts.