Quality Policy

The mission of CREDIT BACK is to provide a quality services that is a faithful reflection of the expectations of each client and partner, fulfilling all the requirements to ensure total satisfaction and therefore the long-term success of the company.

For all of these reasons, it establishes, declares and adopts the following principles:

1) The quality of the service is the outcome of planned, systematic actions involving PREVENTION, DETECTION, RECTIFICATION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in all of CREDIT BACK’s processes.

2) Contractual demands and the wishes and expectations of the interested parties are the sole criteria for establishing the quality pattern of our services.

3) Each CREDIT BACK employee is responsible for EFFECTIVELY managing quality in their jobs and in those of others.
The persons in charge of CREDIT BACK processes must PROMOTE implementation of the quality policies and objectives and check that they are executed through audits and by fostering continuous improvements in all areas.

4) CREDIT BACK is actively committed to complying with the legislation in force at all times, including environmental, labour and any other laws applicable.

5) The application of this policy requires the active involvement of the company’s entire human team. For this reason, the Management considers MOTIVATION and TRAINING for QUALITY as priorities.

6) CREDIT BACK is committed to continuous improvement, compliance with the laws established to prevent accidents in its and others’ work, and compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements and any other commitments that the company takes on, either voluntarily or from clients, which are applicable in all its activities.

Quality Department