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I wish to cancel my debt. What should I do?

The fastest and simplest way is to make a transfer or, if you prefer, leave your information on our Contact Form and we will call you or write to you as soon as possible to offer you a solution.

I have received a payment request from CREDIT BACK. What is CREDIT BACK's function?

We are a company that specialises in the collection management of loan portfolios of companies that are active, in receivership or liquidation, that have previously transferred to us the credit claim that is documented in public deeds before a Notary Public. Therefore, CREDIT BACK becomes the new owner of the debt, and becomes the direct creditor of the debt.

What right does CREDIT BACK have to claim the debt?

Spanish legislation stipulates that there is no need for consent from the debtor for credit to be transferred, which is why they must be informed about the new creditor. CREDIT BACK’s way of working includes the possibility of reaching an agreement by way of a friendly settlement.

What happens if I don't pay?

If an agreement is not reached by way of a friendly settlement, CREDIT BACK reserves the right to take legal actions to collect the debt. This involves expenses derived from the procedure with respect to procurators, legal taxes, legal costs, interest, etc.

I cannot pay the entire debt. What can I do?

Get in touch with us, explain it to us and we will evaluate your specific situation. If it gets to this point, and once you have documented/justified your situation, we can look into payment facilities. This is something that the original creditor may not have been willing to do at the time. We would remind you that non-payment may lead to an increase in the debt that you have due to possible interests for delay that are applicable.

I do not agree with the debt I am being requested to pay. It is not my debt.

If the debt does not belong to you, please indicate that you do not agree with it and justify this within the deadline given in the notarial request. We agree to analyse your case and to reply as soon as possible once we have verified it.

What can I do if I have been included in debtors lists?

Companies such as CREDIT BACK report the debts that they have outstanding with clients to debtors lists, taking into account strict compliance marked by legislation in matters of personal data protection. Credit Back has the right to include people in debtors lists, backed by legislation in matters of data protection until the debt has been paid. At this time, you will immediately be removed from the debtors list. Being included in a debtors list involves significant, unpleasant consequences such as the denial of loans, not being granted financial cards or the rejection of applications to register with services such as electricity, telephone services, etc.